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Find out more information about the IPSC Safety course as well as get a list of upcoming courses.

Members can keep up to date with events in IPSCBC, communicate about upcoming matches and access other resources.

See upcoming matches and results of past matches.  Current members can also register online and check their registration status.

While we're still waiting for more information about the 2017 AGM which IS happening on the weekend of the Provincial Championships (June 30-July 2), we can tell you that the 2017 AGM resolutions page is now accessible online.

Once again, only individuals who are in attendance at the AGM will have their resolutions read and possibility voted on.  Mover and seconder must be current members of IPSCBC and both will be required to affirm their willingness to act as mover/seconder by email.

This year, we have made some improvements to the email system, and you should find your emails are not directed to your spam folder by your email server. Furthermore, you can add formatting to your submissions which should make it easier for them to be published by the Resolutions Committee.

The resolutions committee this year will be comprised of Alastair Hesp and Ron Brady.

Resolutions must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the Provincials or they may not be inlcuded.

What does an IPSCBC Match look like? Watch this video to find out!

Click here to download the IPSCBC membership renewal form.