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Find out more information about the IPSC Safety course as well as get a list of upcoming courses.

Members can keep up to date with events in IPSCBC, communicate about upcoming matches and access other resources.

See upcoming matches and results of past matches.  Current members can also register online and check their registration status.


IPSC BC is always wanting to find people who want to participate in the growth of the organization. To do that IPSC BC conducts RO & CRO Courses to train officials. To bring in more members, we need BBTCI to train and certify new members to shoot matches.

To accomplish that, IPSC BC has prerequisites, from our Policies & Procedures Manual(PPM):


i. The minimum requirements to become a Training Course Instructor (TCI) are:

a. Be an active member for at least three years

b. Be an active Range Official for at least two years

c. Must shoot a minimum of five Level II or higher matches per year.

d. Apply and take a BBTCI instructor course. 

If you have a desire to be involved and meet those requirements as well as have a background in instructional technique, contact your Zone Director and cc the Section Coordinator. Your name will be added to a list for the BoD to review for potential students.

The BBTCI Course is, like all our programs for volunteers, free. Your expenses will be covered if you have to travel from outside Metro Van to the course. Meals and refreshements are provided for all students. 

The basic information is:

Date:              March 16/17.2019

Time:              8:30am-5pm both days

Where:           Poco Inn & Suites, corner of Lougheed Hwy and Coast Meridian Road

The program will teach the basics of delivering the BBTC, documentation, student learning styles and much more related to the program. 

I hope this concept allows you to give back and support IPSC BC.

What does an IPSCBC Match look like? Watch this video to find out!

Click here to download the IPSCBC membership renewal form.


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