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Find out more information about the IPSC Safety course as well as get a list of upcoming courses.

Members can keep up to date with events in IPSCBC, communicate about upcoming matches and access other resources.

See upcoming matches and results of past matches.  Current members can also register online and check their registration status.

We are pleased to announce our 2019 Range Officer Courses:

For those of you wishing to become a Range Officer, these are the planned 2019 courses to date:

Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley & other Zones           Port Coquitlam BC on Sat/Sun Nov30/Dec01.2019

If you wish to take this, or a future course, you must meet the following requirements:

·         Have been an active member of IPSC for at least 1 full year

·         Have shot 3 level II (or higher) matches

Send your Zone Director, cc the Section Coordinator, an email stating you wish to be involved.  

If you are in a Zone that does not appear above, send an email to your ZD and SC expressing an interest in any future RO Courses. Your name will be recorded and information sent when ROC are confirmed.

Please accept my appreciation to those of you who wish to give back to our sport by becoming an RO.

Murray Gardner
IPSC BC Section Coordinator

What does an IPSCBC Match look like? Watch this video to find out!


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