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What is a Binary Target?

TMSA in Pitt Meadows, BC will be featuring a day introducting reactive (binary) targets.  These are targets that react when struck with high velocity rounds in a spectacular manner.


(Find out more about this event)

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 July 2014 15:43

2014 AGM Motions

This year, at the 2014 IPSC BC Annual General Meeting, we will be trying something new.  Motions will not be accepted from the floor and limited time will be given for the mover and seconder to speak to their motion.


Instead, motions will be accepted 8 weeks prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting and movers/seconds will have an opportunity to provide a written/typed commentary to attach to the actual motion.  These motions, along with the written commentary, will be published and distributed at the AGM.  If we are able to, we will publish them online in the IPSCBC Forums as well.


Motions will not be accepted after August 10th.  


Last Updated on Sunday, 13 July 2014 15:44

Read more: 2014 AGM Motions

Elwin Fehr Memorial Match

This revolver only match will be held at the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club on Sept 14, 2014.  Please check the Match Calendar for more information.


Last Updated on Monday, 17 March 2014 16:41

IPSCBC Nationals Shirts

At the 2012 IPSCBC Annual General Meeting, IPSCBC members voted to have the board commit money towards IPSCBC Team shirts so that all members could appear at the 2014 Nationals wearing the same jersey.  Now that the 2014 Nationals is fast approaching, IPSCBC members attending the match need to start ordering their special IPSCBC match shirt.  A discounted price is being made available with the bulk of the price being subsidized by IPSCBC.

  • This is NOT the match shirt.  This is a special IPSCBC 2014 Nationals Shirt that will only be available to IPSCBC members attending the nationals.
  • Only IPSCBC members attending the 2014 Nationals are eligible for the discounted price
  • The cost is $30 per shirt, a significant discount from the regular price of $75
  • Only 1 discounted shirt may be purchased
  • If you are attending the 2014 Nationals and have not sent in your registration form, include your payment with a note indicating your desire to obtain a shirt along with your shirt size.
  • If you have already sent in your registration form, please email your shirt size to Clint and make arrangements to send your payment via mail or EMT
  • If you have not registered, your payment may be included with your registration fee, but please include a note with your shirt size.
  • Extra shirts may be purchased for a cost of $75 per shirt, but MUST be ordered before May 31.
  • Any questions or inquiries should be asked on the forums: IPSCBC Nationals Team Shirts

Don't miss this opportunity to obtain a limited edition, IPSCBC 2014 Nationals Jersey!

Last Updated on Friday, 14 March 2014 07:28

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